About us

Rusprodexport company was established in early 2016.
The company's specialists work professionally in the 2010 food market.
The main activity: production, distribution and export of food.
Rusprodexport specialists are studying the latest trends in world food markets and are actively introducing the latest recipes and technologies.
The company regularly participates in major international specialized exhibitions.
Rusprodexport LLC builds distribution, develops a competitive marketing strategy at the level of international players. But most importantly, the company creates all conditions for comfortable mutually beneficial cooperation.

Media about US

“We sign a contract for half a million dollars for the supply of products that we produce: cereals, cereals, granola - these are breakfast cereals, cereals. The Chinese market is very interesting, but very difficult. The potential is huge, but the whole world who is tearing here also believes therefore, when we all gather here, it turns out that we are not particularly welcome here, and we have to fight for every percentage, for every dollar, "said Alexander Korshunov, president of Rusprodexport, to TASS. The businessman himself called the exhibition "the very window" through which you can enter China.