Oatmeal from whole oatmeal that does not require cooking VERESTOVO

  • They have the lightest and most delicate taste. This is a classic!

    Oats are a cereal of beauty! With regular use of oatmeal, the digestive organs function improves, the skin is smoothed and tightened, hair grows better and acquires an attractive shine, lightness appears in the body, and mood improves. And all this is understandable why: oats contain almost all the trace elements important for this: phosphorus, fluorine, sulfur, selenium, magnesium, calcium, linoleic acid, arginine and beauty vitamins (E, B1, B2, B9, PP, H).

    And everyone’s favorite vitamin B6 is found in all types of cereals. This is the most powerful assistant in stabilizing the emotional background. By normalizing the level of glucose in the cells, it helps to defeat nervous tension, to cope with despondency, bad mood, groundless feelings and insomnia.