Crunchy Granola Verestovo

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Energy value per 100 g 371 kcal
Proteins in 100 g 9.3 g
Fats per 100 g 8.3 g
Carbohydrates per 100 g 64.4 g


Porridges Verestovo

Oatmeal porridge with pumpkin and apricot with cream

In ancient times, it was believed that the gods hide the sun in a pumpkin. Instant oatmeal with pumpkin and apricot is an unforgettable taste of so quickly passing summer. The light sourness of this apricot gives this porridge a special piquancy. Whole healthy oatmeal will give energy and a feeling of satiety for a long time. An appetizing breakfast and a good mood are ready!

Oatmeal porridge “Berry cocktail” with barberry, cranberries and black currants with cream

Barberry, blackcurrant, cranberry - a brilliant forest berry trio that accompanies delicious cream, and whole grain oatmeal make this porridge a full and healthy breakfast. Bright taste without flavor enhancers, flavors, dyes only at the expense of real berries. A hearty, yet light meal, rich in long carbohydrates, providing a feeling of fullness.

Oatmeal porridge with cherries and almonds with cream

Cherry, almond and cream - a terrific combination An ideal, balanced good nutritional product for breakfast or a snack between the main meals - natural, healthy, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.


Oatmeal Verestovo

Oatmeal - Solar Vitamins

They have the lightest and most delicate taste. This is a classic!

Oats are a cereal of beauty! With regular use of oatmeal, the digestive organs function improves, the skin is smoothed and tightened, hair grows better and acquires an attractive shine, lightness appears in the body, and mood improves. And all this is understandable why: oats contain almost all trace elements important for this: phosphorus, fluorine, sulfur, selenium, magnesium, calcium, linoleic acid, arginine and beauty vitamins (E, B1, B2, B9, PP, H).

And everyone's favorite vitamin B6 is found in all types of cereals. This is the most powerful assistant in stabilizing the emotional background. By normalizing the level of glucose in the cells, it helps to defeat nervous tension, cope with despondency, bad mood, groundless feelings and insomnia.

Rye flakes

Rye flakes carry a taste of nature, a little rude, but thereby convey a feeling of confidence, wealth and calm when consumed. Due to the dominant composition of vitamin A and B vitamins, powerful work is being done to preserve the integrity of the cell structure, and premature aging and wear of the body are prevented. Rye flakes also contain lignans that have beneficial effects on prostate health.

Rye flakes are very useful for men - they contribute to better health, allow you to build muscle, promote mental work, increase potency. And if you add sports to your diet and give up bad habits, then health and longevity are guaranteed.



Original texture and modern flavors.
Three inspirational flavors - chocolate, strawberries, peach!



A balanced composition of natural cereals and freeze-dried fruits
No trans fats or preservatives.


Quick and easy

he main motive for consuming breakfast cereals is convenience.
This is fully consistent with the lifestyle of modern consumers.



Saturate the body with useful substances is now easier than ever.



Tasty and healthy VERESTOVO Crunch in any situation and for any age

For normal operation, the human body needs to receive food often and in small portions. Small snacks help well in this.

At work

What you eat during the work day not only affects your weight and your health. It may also affect your productivity.

Grab Verestovo Crunchy Crunches at your workplace - whole grain cereals help your body slowly get glucose, which allows you to work most efficiently and focus without difficulty.

Кранчи мужской.png
While studying

The life of schoolchildren and students is difficult and eventful, sometimes school days take away all their free time, and for a full meal, he simply does not remain. Crunchy Crunches of Verestovo will help to eat on the job.

While driving

Food is one of the most important conditions that determine the performance and well-being of the driver. If you chew something on the road, this will help not to fall asleep while driving in traffic jams. For those who want to quickly satisfy their hunger and restore energy, Crusty Crunch Verestovo is ideal

Quick snack

Nutritionists unanimously shout about how important it is to eat right, not skip breakfast, to manage to arrive home for dinner. But who can really follow these tips? Work, study, family, sports - all this takes time, and the need to eat at least something can suddenly remind us not even of the stomach, but inappropriately dizzy.

Eat Crusty Crunch Verestovo without distraction!